Benefits of SEO

78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases
The Top 5 Organic Results Recieve 75% of the Traffic
The #1 Organic Position Receives 34% of all Organic Traffic

our marketing dashboard

Transparency is key to everything we do for our clients. That is why we offer this intuitive marketing dashboard with real time analytics to track your campaigns. Giving you one place to tracking all your advertising metrics.

Cleaning Business & Maid Service SEO

If you’re in the cleaning business, you already know what kind of competition you face. A lot of other businesses are trying to attract the same customers that you are. That’s why at Web Launch Local, we offer cleaning service SEO to help cleaning companies like yours maximize their websites using search engine optimization. This will help your business appear toward to top of the search results and put you ahead of the competition.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It includes all the strategies used to get a website to appear higher in search results. It used to be that businesses could just stuff keywords and that would be enough to get a page to the top of the results; but developers have gotten smarter, and search engines now use different algorithms to make sure the top results are of the highest quality and users don’t have to go digging through page after page to find what they’re looking for.

What search engines are looking for now is high-quality content on a well functioning site. Mobile optimization is also important, in fact John Mueller from Google Webmaster Central said in a Google Hangout that they are now ranking your desktop website based on the mobile performance and content. More than half of the visitors to your website will be looking at it on a mobile device. In order to appear high in search rankings, your site needs to function equally as well on desktop and mobile. SEO is not as easy as making sure the right words appear. It’s not enough to say “cleaning service in Grand Rapids” and expect to get customers from the area to visit your site. Today, it’s much more complicated.

SEO can help build your cleaning business by driving customers to your site without spending any money on advertising. You’ll get more customers and save money, which is good for the bottom line of any business.

Why Web Launch Local?

We specialize in website design and content that’s not only aimed at creating something highly functional and pleasant to look at, but that also performs well by maximizing SEO. We’ll tailor your website to make sure you perform well all by adding a local flair that will appeal to customers in the city or town your cleaning business is operating.

What We Do

There are a lot of ways to use SEO to help your website perform well. We make sure your website is user-friendly. We’ll help any cleaning business owner optimize the functionality of their site to make sure the user has an enjoyable experience. Uncluttered and streamlined user-friendly websites will keep users longer, increasing their relevance and improving their search rankings.

If it’s done right, SEO is essentially free advertising that improves visibility and brand recognition more and more with each click. At Wed Launch Local, we’re based right in Michigan and can help you bring a local twist to your page so you can attract business from any city across the state. We know how to put effective SEO practices to work. Call us today for a free consultation.

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