Google Adwords Onboarding

New Client Onboarding for Google AdWords
  • Welcome!

    Thank you for choosing Web Launch Local to create a successful and profitable marketing campaign! Please review the questions below and fill them out to the best of your ability. This helps to provide a deep insight into your business, its structure, operations, goals and more. Yes, there are several questions, but providing as much detail as possible upfront allows us to fine-tune your campaigns and ads to make them as highly-targeted as possible. Please return as soon as you can. Any questions, please call or email your dedicated Web Launch Local account manager or email us at
  • Business Information

  • Please provide the phone number where you would like to receive calls from your campaign. We will set a call tracking number to monitor calls going to your main sales number.
  • Please provide the email address that you would like to send when to the clients that completing a contact form, or sent from an email drip.
  • Please list the email address you would like the lead notification to forward to. Note: you may need to follow up quickly from this email address.
  • Account Access

  • You can also add us to your site, we will need full admin access to add plugins and complete the call tracking and conversion tracking: Add:
  • Please provide a login for us to obtain the API, or provide the API code here. We will use the account to add your booking form to our landing pages or to create coupon codes to use in the campaign.
  • With an email drip campaign, we sometimes will require a zapier integration, and to use zapier we will need an API from your CMS or Scheduling software. Please provide a login for us to obtain the API, or provide the API code here.
  • Please add us to your Google Analytics account, add as an admin with "FULL ACCESS". Follow this tutorial to add us as admin:
  • Please add access to your google my business listing. We use this for your location extension in google adwords. Follow this tutorial to add us as a manager:
  • Please Provide Your 10 Digit AdWords Account#. Once received we will send a request to access your AdWords account, you will still own your account & billing. If you do not have an adwords account please provide the gmail address that you would like us to use to create the account for you
  • Please add us as a user to your email service. If using Mailchimp please complete the following steps to add as a user in your account:
  • If you are not using a call tracking service just leave blank.
  • Services / Location

  • How does your typical sales process work with website leads? Example: Click on ad => Web Form => Call back customer.
  • What local areas do you cover/service? Please enter zip code & city name so we can be as targeted as possible. You can use this little tool to help generate the zip codes:
  • List any areas that may be close to the service areas you want to exclude from targeting, these could be lower income areas, or areas that are hard to reach for one reason or anotner.
  • Where is your ideal customer located, city name and zip code?
  • What is your desired monthly budget for Adspend? We suggest a minimum of 500.00, the higher the ad spend the better the ROI
  • What are the main products and services that you sell?
  • we are looking for what service you would want to focus the majority of your budget towards, we also take into consideration seasonal items.
  • What days of the week and what hours is your business is open to accommodate quote requests phone calls?
  • Do you have any existing promos you would like to feature in your ads?. We will be using this promotion in the ad copy and in your landing page. Best ones to use are a fixed discount (ex. $25 off on first cleaning).
  • When someone searches for your company name your ad will show, clicks you receive are much cheaper in this type of campaign. We suggest to protect your name by running a branded campaign.
  • Landing Page

    Let us know if there is anything you would like to stand out from the landing page we will be creating for google ads.
  • Ex. "Add a badge" / "Use specific reviews"
  • We include the following fields in the form used in the landing page: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Zip Code, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms. Would you like any field to be added or removed?

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